Sungun Water Pump Station

National Iranian Copper Industries Company as the employer notified this project to our company on 15/03/2011. the contract period was 14 months. The site of this project was in East Azarbaijan. The capacity of this Water Pump Station is 570 m3/h .

The services which are done by abangan Sanat co. are equipment supply, transportation, construction,  installation and commissioning of all equipment, Test of electropump 1060 W, construction of a new pumping station beside the existing station including: civil, mechanichal, electrical, control and instrument Operations, Shed Construction for Pump Station, underground concrete tank 500m3, Construction of security building, All operations related to pipeline routes between the various components of the suction pipe and the donation and equipment supply for new pipeline and execution of that.  

To transfer water from the Satar Khan dam to Songun copper complex three pumps 1300KW and a pump 1060 KW have been considered to upgrade the old pumping station. The water of Satarkhan dam is directed to pump station by gravity. A pump station (booster pump) have been considered for preparation of requested head for transfering water to suction Storage tanks. Raw water before storing in this tank, crosses the microstrainer. Mentioned pumps increase The water pressure up to 130 bars and then it is pumped to Sungun copper complex.

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