Foolad Sanitary And Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Mobarakeh Steel Complex as the employer notified this project to our company on 1/2/2011. The contract period was 12 months, including design, implementation. The site of this project was in Saba Steel Complex. The capacity of this wastewater treatment is 18000 and 1200 m3/day for industrial and sanitary wastewater.

The services that are done by abangan Sanat co include: Engineering design, equipment supply, transportation, construction, installation and commissioning of all equipment.

For verification of industrial wastewater generated, which is generated in Saba Steel complex a treatment system includes physical, chemical, filtration and reverse osmosis is used. For remove of settable material and oil, wastewater is initially entered to settling tank and then in two balancing tanks with a capacity of 7,000 m3 is stored. wastewater with Constant flow is pumping from balancing tanks to rapid mixing unit by submersible pumps. After injection of chemicals to wastewater in rapid mixing tank, it enters to clarifloculators      tanks and then is driven to filtration unit.  The filtered water for reducing dissolved solids is pumping to two reverse osmosis units with capacity 150m3/h for each unit.   Finally, the dry Centrifuges pumps with head 40m pump wastewater to industrial water storage tank of complex.

 Biological treatments with extended aeration activated sludge system(capacity 1200m3/h) have been considered for treating of sanitary wastewater of Saba Steel complex.

The main units of the plant are screening, aeration, sedimentation, chlorination, sludge drying beds and filter presses.

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