Aras Industrial Wastewater Treatmen


Aras free zone as the employer notified this project to our company on 22/10/2012. the contract period is 24 months and the completion date will be 22/10/2014. The site of this project is in Aras industrial city and The capacity of this wastewater treatment is 6500 m3/day .

The services which are done by abangan Sanat co include: Construction of the first wastewater treatment plant Module by method of UABR+SBR, Construction of access road, preparation and transportation mechanical and electrical equipment, all relevant Executive operation, preparation 5 years spare parts based on specifications provided by the employer and training of  client personnel.

In this plant anaerobic and SBR Biological system has been used for treatment. Raw sewage after crossing the screen enters to primary pump station and after that by submersible pumps goes to oil removal system(DAF Type) for removing oil, and then it is directed to balance unit and pumped to Anaerobic units by submersible pumps with constant flow. In This unit, the part of the removal of organic matter by anaerobic reaction is takes place and then is directed to SBR tank. Wastewater in SBR unit is guided to channel next to SBR tank by decanter. For disinfection of wastewater, wastewater enters the chlorine contact tank and disinfect by chlorine gas. The Sludge Produced in this plant after passing the aeration digesters is dewatered by drying bed or belt filters.


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