Estahban Wastewater Treatment Plant


Fars Province Water and Wastewater organization as the employer notified this project to our company on 12/05/2009. the contract period was 24 months. The site of this project was in Estahban one of Fars Province cites. The capacity of this wastewater treatment is 7600 m3/day .

The services which are done by abangan Sanat co. are excavation, backfilling, concreting,  Reinforcement  for lagoons, Concrete channels, Spillovers, concrete structure, Road communication between the lagoon and the surrounding area, Construction of utility buildings (including chlorination, security, power station, and passages), Fencing around the treatment plant area and related electrical and mechanical installations and site lighting. equipment supply, transportation, construction, test, installation and commissioning of all equipment, 6-month trial operation and maintenance, operation for two years, execution of Wastewater transmission line with Polyethylene pipe diameter of 600 mm and training of Client personnel .

aerated lagoons are used in this treatment plant. Raw wastewater after crossing the screen enters to the Pistalm grain removal tank for separation of grits. It is directed to aerated lagoons by gravity. Fifteen Mechanical surface aerators with low speed have been considered in aerated lagoons. Wastewater of aerated lagoons is directed to sedimentation lagoons. . liquid chlorine injection system is used for disinfection of the treated wastewater.

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