Divandare Drinking Water Treatment Plant


Kurdistan Province Water and Wastewater organization as the employer and JOYAB Nou as the consultant notified this project to our company on 01/12/2011. The completion date will be 01/12/2014. The site of this project is in Divandarreh. The capacity of this water treatment is 21600m3/day.

The services, which are done by Abangan Sanat co., are All construction operation, land preparation, construction of process building, purchase and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, piping… .

A direct filtration process to produce 21,600 m3 of potable water per day for Water treatment plant is considered.  Syazakh dam supplies raw water in this water treatment plant. First of all the raw water enters the aeration unit and then enters into storage tanks with 5000m3capacity. After adjusting flow enters to rapid mixing tank and then enters flocculators. In this unit coagulation, flocculation process is done by injection of polyelectrolyte and Chloroferric and then outlet water is transmitted directly to the filtration unit. The Rapid gravity sand filter is used for this project. Outlet water of filtration unit is stored in concrete storage tanks and then pumps with head 90 m pump it to Water distribution network of Diwandareh. Tickner and evaporation lagoons are used for dewatering the sludge produced in the treatment plant.

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