Tabriz Industrial Water Treatment Plant


Azerbaijan Regional Electric co as the employer notified this project to our company on 29/01/2006. the contract period was 9 months and the completion date was 31/10/2006. The site of this project was in Tabriz Power Plant. The capacity of this plant is 2400 m3/day .

The services which are done by abangan Sanat co. are Engineering, equipment supply , replacing Halo fiber membrane RO system to the spiral type, test,inspection, transportation, construction,  installation and commissioning of all equipment.

Before raw water enters to RO system, Chemical treatment units, sand filters, and activated carbon are used for Pretreatment of raw water and then  it is pumped to RO system. Before entering water to filter and cartridge, the related temperature of this water have to set and after crossing mentioned filters is directed to the pressure vessels(include RO Membrane) by high pressure pumps. 

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